Motorama performances in Italy

I will attend the Legnano show, on Friday, November 29!



A Morning with MongoDB – Milan

Yesterday I’ve attended “A Morning with MongoDB“, the first Italian MongoDB event officialy promoted by 10gen (here is a list of past/upcoming MongoDB events throughout the world).

It’s been a nice way for Italian SW developerss and managers to get acquainted with MongoDB features, as well as to assess its spread potential into Italian IT market. Successful case histories have been shown by Italian companies.

For me, it has been a good time to get in touch with a few of the presenters and to strenghten my MongoDB knowledge, as I’m going to need it to solve problems at work. I was also particularly interested in understanding MongoDB’s capabilities as regards geographic datasets storage and querying and if there is any OGC-compliant map server that can be backed by a document-oriented datastore such as Mongo.

The latter question still remains unanswered to me.