Installing Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on LG Optimus One (LGP500)

A Happy LG Optimus One owner’s story

I’m a happy owner of an LG Optimus One: not only because it proved many times to be a performing device, but also because – a few days after I bought it – I managed to replace the custom Android it had on board (themed by TIM: ugly!!!) with a simple and plain Android 2.2.1 Froyo stock ROM. This I did, despite many warnings I read about phone brick and license invalidation. About six-months after, I had the same fever and replaced Froyo with Gingebread: no problems this time, as well.

Last monday, after reading that someone (Android Open Kang Project team) built an unoffical Android 4.1 Jelly Bean port for LG Optimus One, I took a fancy to it…”Danger is my business” – I thought. So, let’s go replace my current Android with the one on the crest of waves!!!

I am reporting the steps I followed: they took about 3 hours, considering also the conclusive phone re-configuration and apps re-install.

Result: a fresh and fluid install on my Optimus One!


Please, don’t take what you’re gonna read as a serious guide to modding (you can find tons of forum posts on sites such as xda): the following steps were just conceived to provide a big and fuzzy idea of what it takes to perform such an install, it’s up to you to search for details!

You’re warned: I won’t be responsible for any danger to your phone or parts of it in case you follow the procedure and come up with a brick or malfunctionings!


    1. Copied Android 4.1 ROM and gapps .zip archives into the root folder of the SD card
    2. Installed ROM Manager via Google Play store
    3. Backupped all applications using Titanium Backup and then copied backups on PC
    4. Backupped personal data and contacts on PC using LG PC Suite 4
    5. Backupped current ROM using ROM manager and then copied backup on PC
    6. Installed ClockworkMod using ROM manager
    7. Rebooted phone in recovery mode
    8. Made a factory reset/wipe
    9. Flashed the Android 4.1 ROM from the .zip archive on the SD card
    10. Flashed the gapps from the .zip archive on the SD card
    11. Rebooted phone

Hope this helps for all of you who whish to try out Jelly Bean on LG Optimus One!