Tools for smart information sharing

Below you can find a list (no pretensions of completeness) with a few software tools and network services that I find really useful at work, and whose synergy can lead to improve work ease and productivity and to a full and easy sharing of information.

This is especially crucial for people whose work is generally characterized by a strong information exchange with other persons, for example:

  • close cohoperation with colleagues (eg: software development)
  • small number of colleagues that reside in different work locations (eg: you and your colleague work in different locations of your company
  • frequent need to communicate data/reports/decisions to others (eg: to your boss/manager)

All of the tools are free-of-charge (some of the web services may have purchasable pro accounts) and tend to move your work from a PC-centric vision to a web/cloud-oriented one.

Here are the tools, grouped by tipology:

Make VOIP calls

Tools that allow you to make VOIP calls to other IP devices:

  • Skype (client for Win/Linux/MacOS/Android/iPhone)
  • Viber (app for Android/iPhone)
  • Google Talk voice plugin (client plugin for Gmail/Google Talk)

Send e-mail

Web-based e-mail services:


Chat clients and services:

  • Google Talk (client for Win & Gmail plugin)
  • (chat accounts web aggregator)
  • (chat accounts web aggregator)
  • Pidgin (chat accounts client aggregator for Win/Linux)
  • Skype

Share and cohoperate on your documents

Tools that let you and your colleagues collaboratively edit documents:

Share your PC desktop

Tools that allow you to share and remote control your PC desktop:

Share your visual data

Tools that allow you to share in real-time your visual data (notes, slideshows):

  • (slideshow sharing via web)
  • Googledocs slideshows (in the cloud)

Share your files

Cloud-based tools that allow you to share your files:

  • Dropbox (client for Win/Linux/MacOS/Android/iPhone & web file sharing)
  • (web file sharing)

Version and backup your files

Tools that allow you to keep track of your file modifications history (SCMs) and to backup your data in the cloud:

Share your calendars

Tools that allow you to share your time schedules:

Create websites in minutes

Tools that allow you to create and host websites/blogs/wikis with a few clicks:

Create and share maps

Tools that allow you to create and share geographic maps and features: