Things to do

A list of things to be absolutely done before dying:

  1. Travel! Places to visit:
    • Brittany (France)
    • Ireland coast to coast (Galway-Dublin via the north shore)!
    • Cruise through the Norwegian fiords
    • Tour of Belgian abbeys (a beer-based travel)
    • New Zealand
    • Japan
    • El camino de Santiago de Compostela
    • Tour of German cities where J.S.Bach lived and worked (Eisenach, Arnstadt, Cothen, Leipzig, …)
    • There are so many lovely places to visit in my country, Italy…
  2. Become a successful home-brewer.
  3. Attend a live performance of:
    • the Rolling Stones (not-so-easy to accomplish…)
    • Motorama
    • Johann Sebastian Bach’s Matthäuspassion (BWV244)
  4. Work at Google 🙂
  5. More to come…